Violating DUI laws in Florida is a serious offense and must be taken really seriously. Penalties and consequences if you are convicted of violating the DUI law could include fines, loss of license, vehicle immobilization, community service, increase of insurance rate, and even imprisonment. Do not take this into passing. It is best to immediately consult with an attorney when you are arrested. You have ten days to make an appeal to prevent your license from being revoked indefinitely or permanently. Visit the Tampa lawyers site to get started.

Range of fees
Are you reluctant to seek immediate legal help because you are afraid of the exorbitant fees? Do not worry. The fees are sometimes minimal, and just go up depending on how severe your violation is. There fees range from as low as $500 dollars to thousands in cases of repeat offense.

Charging methods
Lawyers charge their clients differently. Some lawyers charge by the hour. Some will charge an initial fee to cover all the initial legal steps - reviewing the police report and the file from the district attorney and appearing on your first hearing. If, at that stage, charges are dropped against you, then that is where the fees end as well. Additional hearings would mean additional charges. Other attorneys charge a fee to handle your case all the way to trial. If they are able to negotiate and dismiss the case, you pay them for everything, anyway.

Retainer fees
In some cases, a DUI lawyer in Florida  will require a retainer fee. This is an advanced flat rate fee that covers the lawyer's services regardless of how long or short the lawyer spends on your case. Be informed of what the retainer fee covers. Usually, in special circumstances when there is little amount of service in proportion to the retainer fee, the attorney may be required to return a part of it.

Written agreement
Make sure that you have a written fee agreement with your attorney before services are rendered. You can get several quotations online or through the phone to assess if the attorney is charging you reasonably or within limit.

Extra fees; There are also extra fees for expert witnesses that would testify on scientific facts or issues that could help you in your case. Additional fees could also include costs for the exhibits, investigators, and so on.A DUI arrest may come as a shock to a person charged with his or her first DUI. However, DUI arrests are more common than one might think. The Florida DMV states that in 2011, there were 55,722 DUI tickets issued, of which 33,625 resulted in convictions. One of the reasons for this could be Florida's comprehensive DUI law.